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Betraying The Martyrs tickets

Betraying The Martyrs Tickets

Betraying The Martyrs tickets
Bursting out of the seams with an unabashed and unrivalled intensity, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS is about to turn the metal world on its axis with their much anticipated new full-length album, Phantom, which perfectly showcases the group's musical proficiency and evolved song writing prowess. This Paris, France based unit is a venerable freight-train of aggression with blazing harmonies, captivating hooks and bombastic off-time precision. Phantom is the band's second full-length album and this will also be the offering that puts them over and legitimises them as one of metal's elite artists.

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS are based out of Paris, France and feature members from France, Russia and the UK, which adds a unique dynamic to their song writing. Their stunning debut offering, Breathe In Life, saw them make a huge impact throughout North America touring relentlessly on such high profile tours as RockStar Mayhem Fest and AllStars, amongst a slew of other club treks. There are few bands within the scene that can match BTM's energy and intensity live and the new material is tailored made to their live performance.