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Friday 8th February 2019
Sunday 10th February 2019


‘The 900 Club’ is a spoken word theatre show: a narrative character piece that blends minimalistic theatre and Scottish performance poetry. It takes the long view on grief, guilt, and friendship, and challenges how we deal with mental illness and our memories of the dead.

Five years after the death of their friend, Emily, Avery, Fiona and Mac reunite to commemorate him. They take the 900 Megabus from Glasgow to Edinburgh, where there is no escaping old memories – hilarious, heartbreaking or otherwise. Finally ready to confront each other, themselves, and the past, the four estranged friends get together for a reprise of their annual camping trip. Join them on their bus journey and eavesdrop on the sometimes heartwarming, often awkward reunion of the foursome.

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18 months and over must have a paid ticket.