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The St. Valentine's Day MAZE-acre tickets

The St. Valentine's Day MAZE-acre

Feat: The X-Ray Cat Trio + Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers + The Savages
The Maze, Nottingham
Saturday 24th Feb 2018 8:00pm
Maximum of 6 tickets
Over 18s only

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General Admission

£11.00 inc. booking fee

£10.00 face value

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< Police radio crackle >
Attention all units, attention all units
Proceed immediately to Mansfield Raod, there is a disturbance at The Maze
Reports have come in that shots have been fired - approach with caution
All units respond immediately
< Police radio crackle >

A few days ago, the notorious gangster, Babyface Williams, and the rest of the Tea & Fig Rolls team were sprung from their cells in a daring jailbreak. Having evaded their captors, they made their way back to Nottingham where they rejoined their gang and resumed their reign of terror, extortion, and violence. Following a shootout in the city centre, they are holed up in The Maze, where they have been joined by three other gangs, fighting against recapture.


A small but lethal gang, these guys have been mainly active in the Leeds area, but have travelled down to find new opportunities. With a surf/garage/voodoo blend, this combo produce a sonic sledgehammer of sound that is sure to kneecap you without much effort.


Rapidly rising up the ranks when it comes to knuckleduster attitude and tough, tough, songs, these boys certainly mean business. Hard hitting rock n roll that will have you handing over the hush-money in no time flat- which you will be, if you dont pay up!


This gang have caused mayhem at The Maze before, so possibly the most dangerous of the lot. Watch out when they open their guitar cases - just the sight of their weapons can strike fear into the hearts of men and women.

We've also discovered that some hostages have been taken. The DJ's from The Hoochie Coochie Club were in the speakeasy when the gangs bust in, and are now being used as bargaining chips. If we dont pay up the DJ's will have their 7" treasures forcibly removed and things could be very messy. Police funds will not be available to facilitate this, so we are dependant on the generosity of local (or even not so local) music lovers to throw a few quid in the kitty. £10 in advance, or £12 of you are passing by should raise enough to pay the ransom and bring this situation to a halt. We hope that you can come along and help bring this situation to a close,

Usual stuff applies. Fancy dress if you feel like it - normal dress if you dont - undressed if you really must, but remember it's February! There will be a raffle, charity buckets, beautiful meeters and greeters, crap compere, and all the usual stuff you love about our gigs :) Hope to see you there!


257 Mansfield Road


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